International Research Visitors

Wolfram Mathematica delegate visiting us

An official delegate from Wolfram Mathematica Ms. Sonali DeSouza, IBD Executive, South East Asia, Wolfram Research, USA is visiting Tribhuvan University on 20 November 2014. Mr. Anindya Ghoshal and Mr. Debasish is also joining her. They will deliver a talk.

NASA Goddard Scientist visiting CDP on 19 November

Prof. Dr. W. Dean Pesnell is visiting our department during 19-20 November 2014. Dr. Pesnell is the Project Scientist of the Solar Dynamics Observatory. He has published more than 100 papers in a variety of research areas, including variable stars, sungrazing comets, the Sun-Earth connection, quantum mechanics, and meteors in planetary atmospheres. He received his Ph.D. in 1983 from the University of Florida. After a post-doc at the University of Colorado and a visiting professorship at New Mexico State University, Dr. Pesnell moved to Goddard as a contractor in 1990. He formed Nomad Research, Inc. in 1995 to do independent scientific research. One research contract was to design the Living With a Star missions to study the response of the Earth to solar activity. He started working on SDO in 2004 and became the Project Scientist in 2005. He has lectured extensively on solar activity, including the unusual minimum in solar activity from 2008-2009, and predicting solar activity.

Our HoD: Convener of a Working Group

Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Binil Aryal is appointed as a convener of a working group for making curriculum of 'Computational Science' and 'Guidelines of Project Work' for B.Sc. fourth year. This working group is formed by the Dean of IoST. Members of the working groups are Dr. Shreeram Khadka (Central Department of Mathematics, Dr. S. Bajracharya (Central Department of Botany) and Mr. Nawaraj Paudel (HoD of Central Department of Computer Science & Information Technology).

Our HoD Appointed as a Member of Academic Council of TU

Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Binil Aryal is appointed as a member of T.U. Academic Council for 2 years by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjhan.
The responsibility of T.U. Academic Council are as follows:
(1) To decide the curricula for the subjects to be studied and traded at the university
(2) To ascertain the mode of examinations
(3) To prescribe the eligibility criteria for the enrollment in the subjects to be taught at the university
(4) To advise the Executive Council in academic matters
(5) To formulate research policies
(6) To approve the recommendations and decisions made by the Faculty Board for their implementation
(7) To carry out other identified functions

Dr. Raju Khanal is visiting Vienna, Austria

Dr. Narayan Adhikari is visiting ICTP, Trieste, Italy and UPSSALA University, Sweden