Message from Research Team

First of all, I would like to heartily welcome all of you visiting Central Department of Physics Research team. Frankly speaking, this institute differs in many aspects from the other Reasearch team in the country. Our main motto is to safeguard your spirit and help it grow to your desire. Because of self- centered policy of the other institutes, students are obliged to lose more for a final achievement. But mind that we always follow students’ first policy. CDP has produced more than 2500 physics graduates for the nation. Currently, 120 students are enrolled per year in the department. The CDP offers Solid State Physics, Astrophysics, Plasma Physics, Bio-Medical Physics, Cosmology, Atmospheric Physics and Micro- and Optoelectronics as elective courses. Semester system is running in the department since 2014 Feb. In addition to the M.Sc. Program, CDP offers Ph.D. in theoretical, computational and experimental physics. These days 23 Ph.D. projects are running.

Dear aspirants have full faith and confidence in your ability and never quit of what you want to be. This is because, winners never quit and quitters never win. And always bear in mind that patience and hardworking are must to sharpen anyone’s potentiality.  

We believe in competent rather than success in life. Success comes under feet automatically when you are competent in your choice.

Prof.Dr.Jeevan Jyoti Nakarmi
Research Team